Wildship Studio

1.   living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated
1.    indicating state or condition: fellowship
2.   indicating rank, office, or position: lordship
3.   indicating craft or skill: horsemanship ; workmanship ; scholarship

Who We Are

Wildship Studio is a Michigan-based studio that creates illustrated paper goods and products for those who crave adventure and exploration. Founded by illustrator BreeAnn Veenstra and fueled by curiosity for life and nature, each product is designed to embrace your inner wild while bringing you closer to the outer wild.

We’re all about finding kinship between your fellow human, flower, and beast, and discovering those moments of unbridled beauty within us and around us. That is Wildship.

Portrait of BreeAnn Veenstra of Wildship Studio

Wildship Studio is an illustration & design studio for the wild at heart.

Founded by BreeAnn Veenstra and based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We create designs for the perpetual explorers and the curious-hearted.

We celebrate the curious, the unruly, those free-spirits who are taken by the wind; and the wanderers willing to conquer any mountain, both metaphorical and literal.

The Journey

It all began with a curious child and a crayon. Or maybe it was a marker, but either way it had the power to create magic on blank paper. It was love at first scribble.

Those scribbles turned into lines, and with practice and age, drawings of wildlife and animals danced on paper. Fast-forward a couple decades and a degree in illustration later, and BreeAnn had sprouted from child to artist with the ever-present drive to tell stories and celebrate nature through illustration.

Then, equipped with several years’ freelancing experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a little black wolf logo, Wildship Studio officially launched in 2013. It began as a custom wedding invitation studio, but after designing some pretty rad invitations for some pretty adventurous couples, BreeAnn discovered a hunger to explore other avenues of illustrated paper goods and products. High quality art prints of original paintings were the first to be introduced with a small collection of stationery following suit.

In 2015, we debuted our first modest but mighty product line for retail and wholesale. The collection of illustrated goods has been growing like wildflowers since.

The Studio

Wildship Studio is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan where the city hums with a handcrafted vibe but getting lost in the woods or along the lakeshore is never far. The plant-filled home studio doubles as a personal Wunderkammer (wonder cabinet) displaying precious artifacts and objects that have been collected over years of adventures: rocks from backpacking trips, chestnuts from the backyard tree, driftwood scavenged from glacial lakes, family trinkets & heirlooms, and plenty more.


The Process

All of our products are designed by BreeAnn Veenstra and start as hand-drawn or hand-painted original works. These are typically painted in a combination of gouache, watercolor, and pen & ink. When pen and ink are involved, BreeAnn reaches for her favorite tool: a traditional dip/nib pen passed down from her grandfather. It has a habit of making the most beautiful marks, and reminds her that there is often just as much grace in the imperfections (if not at times more so).


We're Eco-Friendly

We’ve got mad love for the earth and source environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. Our paper products are printed locally by BreeAnn herself on FSC® certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ papers, and our envelopes contain 30% post-consumer waste. Our shipping mailers are made from recycled materials and can go right back in the recycling stream when you’re done with them; even our packing tape is plant-derived and biodegradable!

Our environmentally-friendly products are designed especially for the animal-hugging and nature-loving spirit, so you can always explore a piece of the outdoors even when you’re indoors.

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